The Comprehensive Energy Management Plan

The Comprehensive Energy Management Plan is in the second phase of three of business negotiations. In October, 2015, the university entered into the Request for Information (RFI) phase, to be followed by the Request for Proposals (RFP) in January.

In April, 2015, corporations interested in purchasing OSU's power and energy responded to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ). The RFQ details that opportunity to purchase the energy at OSU includes management of ALL utility systems on campus, and the production and distribution of energy throughout campus. It also sells includes the responsibility of logistics for purchasing and delivering fuel to campus.

In return, the RFQ promises that the new corporation will open up the facilities previously owned by the university for research opportunities for students and faculty. It also states that selling off will help OSU reach its energy savings goal, although those goals were never stated. 

Furthermore, the Statement of Authority reads that due to the Board Resolution No. 99-141 of the Board of Trustees, OSU's Senior Vice President for Business and Finance, Geoff Chatas, will have total authority in the decision making process. The last time that Chatas sold off parts of our public university, he was offered and accepted a job with the very same firm to whom he sold our school. Sound like a democratic university to you?

Bottom line: 

The Comprehensive Energy Management Plan is a plan to run our university like a corporation, selling off assets for profit and allowing corporations to determine the procurement of resources and the terms of research on energy and sustainability. We must stop this deal before we lose all public control over our university 

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