Take a Stand this Wednesday to Stop Corporate Takeovers


WHAT: Rally to Stop the Sell Out
WHEN: Wednesday, December 2nd at 3:30pm
WHY: To stop the sell out of OSU energy systems in order to protect workers, environment and public education.


Buckeye Nation is under attack. 

Ohio State administrators try to run our school like a business, putting profit over people and denying the voices of students and workers. We cannot let this happen. 

Students on campus have been fighting for a socially just campus, and we will mobilize on December 2nd to let our administrators know that a public institution must remain a public good. From food justice to racial equality, student voices are advocating for change.

Through the Comprehensive Energy Management Plan, the administrators are trying to push a corporate takeover that will hurt workers, students, departments and the environments. The Comprehensive Energy Management Plan will sell off our power plants and energy management to a fossil fuel corporatoin that is only interested in making a profit. 

We stand in solidarity for justice in the workplace. We stand for justice in our food system. We stand for racial and economic justice. 

Will you stand with us on?

December 2. 3:30 PM. Wexner Plaza



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