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We are signing below in solidarity because we are deeply concerned that The Ohio State University’s new Comprehensive Energy Management plan will generate more harm than good for OSU, as well as the broader Columbus community.


As students, staff, faculty, and community members who are invested in Ohio State we do not want to see parts of our university sold off to a private company. We are discouraged about the lack of transparency in the decision-making process. We believe that those directly impacted must be meaningfully engaged throughout this decision making process. We will be impacted by the decision to privatize and we have a right to a say in the proceedings. We will not idly stand by as administrators’ six-figure salaries and massive bonuses grow year after year on the backs of workers losing their dignified jobs to be paid minimum wages without benefits, faculty members losing job security as the number of tenured positions decrease, and students who are accruing tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt.


The leasing of our energy management and utility systems will deeply impact the entire Ohio State community, especially the workers of the CWA Local 4501. These men and women have worked tirelessly for our school for years, and this privatization plan directly threatens their and their families’ financial security. Outsourcing our energy management will detrimentally impact the quality of working conditions on campus. This is unacceptable. While the updates we have received about the Comprehensive Energy Management proposal have seemed to have in mind the best interests of the university, there was no mention of campus employees. Their interests and well-being should not be written off.


We urge Ohio State to immediately halt all processes regarding the privatization of our campus energy systems, and instead endeavor to create a truly open, transparent, and even-sided discussion amongst all facets of the Buckeye community about how we can tackle our sustainability goals together. We know that Ohio State can use the wealth of expert knowledge and resources within the University to improve our energy savings through collaboration between our outstanding workers, faculty, and students.

We, the undersigned, stand with United Students Against Sweatshops and their campaign to stop the sellout of The Ohio State University.

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    Sign the petition: Stop privitization of OSU's energy! More bullshit like the CampusParc deal to pad pockets of execs.
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    Show your support for campus workers at Ohio State! There is no need for a corporate sellout of our energy systems
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    Show your support for campus workers at Ohio State! There is no need for a corporate sellout of our energy systems
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